Professional Services

General Contracting for
Building Projects

By offering one-stop engineering services through general contracting, Great Harvest creates maximum benefits for its customers. Related works include:

  • Pile caps, substructures and basements
  • Superstructures, steel structures, and composite RC frames
  • M&E installations
  • Roads, footbridges and drains
  • A&A (alternation and addition) works

Civil Engineering and
Foundation Projects

We undertake a wide range of civil and foundation projects, including:

  • Pilings, pile caps, substructures and basements
  • ELS
  • Slope work
  • Site formation

Projects Related to Curtain Walls,
Aluminum Windows and Claddings

We undertake a wide range of exterior decoration projects, including:

  • Aluminum cladding/ metal / feature walls
  • Curtain walls/ glass walls
  • Glass railings/ balustrades/ canopies/ skylights
  • Marble and stone works

Interior Fitting-out,
A&A Projects

We undertake a wide range of interior decoration projects, including:

  • Decorative glass and mirror finishing
  • Masonry and marble/stone works
  • Feature ceilings and walls
  • Hard-landscaping, joinery and wood works, steel and metal works
Great Harvest: the Competitive Edge

With a long-standing presence of almost 30 years in Hong Kong, Great Harvest has gone through years of development to become a diversified construction group. Companies under the Group are specialized in their respective fields and well-positioned to provide one-stop solutions that offer the highest level of synergy for customers. Our comprehensive engineering services cover design, construction and renovation and we can offer cost-effective, timely and quality services customized to customers’ conditions and requirements to ensure the highest levels of cost efficiency and quality assurance. Thanks to the Group’s extensive centuries-long experience, a proven philosophy of pragmatic management, sound supply chain management, coupled with a passionate commitment to dedicated service, we have delivered engineering projects winning the full satisfaction and long-term trust of our customers.

Our Mission

Quality services

  • Sense of proactiveness and a commitment to excellence
  • Customer focus and service dedication
  • Extensive experience and expertise
  • Keeping promises with a flexible approach to improvement

Cost-effective solutions

  • Closely monitoring supply chain performance
  • Pragmatic management with exceptional performance
  • Responsiveness to customer and market demands
  • Direct employment of quality labour

Punctual delivery

  • Timely completion and meticulous delivery of projects
  • Maximizing synergistic benefits and efficiently utilizing resources
  • A high level of management commitment and efficiency
  • Turnkey project management and one-stop service



Aggressive Construction Co. Ltd. has demonstrated its competence and management skills at various stages from commencement to final completion of the works.


Eddie Chan Architects Ltd.



Facing a very demanding timetable, their management team showed their commitment to achieve an earliest completion, while also achieving the Building Authority requirements for the completion of the project.


A+T Design



We considered “Aggressive” is an experienced and competent Contractor for similar superstructure works. We are satisfied with their overall performance in general and the abovementioned project was completed under our master programme.


Cheng Kong Property Holdings Limited



The Aggressive Construction Company Team showed their capability from high level strategic planning to hands-on problem solving skills on site and hence mobilized the project continuously till the project completion.
We have found them to be very responsive and capable to offer a professional contacting service. We are satisfied with their performance.


Lwk & Partners



“Aggressive” had demonstrated their co-operationness, experience and capability to carry out the above works under our construction schedule and substantially completed the project in May 2013. Their management has showed their strong commitment and effective responsive to our requirements.


CK Construction Management Limited



We considered “Aggressive” to be a reasonably competent contractor for undertaking similar nature of works.





“Aggressive” has demonstrated the required co-operation, due experience and co-ordination capability to carry out the above works under our construction schedule and completed the project in November 2010. Their management has showed their strong commitment to finished the project and proactively and diligently responded to our requirements for completion of works.


CK Construction Management Limited



We found that Aggressive Construction Co., Ltd. is a co-operative and competent contractor. We are satisfied with their overall performance and the contract was completed on time.


Cheung Kong Property Development Limited

Projects recently completed

Leveraging on its cutting edge, Great Harvest has completed a large number of major projects over the years for its customers in Hong Kong, Macau and Southeast Asia. The following is a representative sample of projects recently completed.

Yuccie Square
Yuccie Square
The Beaumount II
The Beaumount II
Continental Place
Continental Place
41 Heung Yip Road
41 Heung Yip Road
Stars By The Harbour
Stars By The Harbour
Trinity Towers
Trinity Towers

Our Connections


Aggressive Construction Company Limited has been awarded a  new contract by the  Hong Kong Housing Authority…

Aggressive Construction Company Limited has been awarded a new contract by the Hong Kong Housing Authority for the construction of Public Housing Development at Lai Cho Road, Kwai Chung valued about HK$580,000,000. This contract comprises: a. 39‐storey domestic building with total 819 domestic units b. One lift tower for pedestrian footbridge c. Podium garden decks d. Open carpark spaces. The works has commenced in March 2020 and will be completed in October 2022.