Sustainable Development

Great Harvest is committed to developing a professional corporate culture based on the values of integrity, probity, perseverance, interaction and flexibility, with efforts to build a team spirit of mutual support and collective commitment. The Group believes that a company must take responsibility for customers, stakeholders and society to be able to establish a solid foundation for sustainable development.

Health and Safety

The Group only procures non-hazardous construction materials. All our projects strictly comply with the applicable laws and industry standards to ensure absolute safety.

Environment & Resources Management

We attach great importance to environmental protection, with the establishment of a sound system for resource management to avoid impact on the environment and our neighborhoods.

Economic Benefits

Our competitiveness has been greatly enhanced by the direct procurement of some complicated or important materials. We have also managed to achieve maximum economic benefits through proper management and our one-stop services.

Social Responsibility

The Group is committed to implementing environmental measures to avoid any impact on the environment and residents. We also play an active role in community building and contributing to society.

Sustainable development beyond Hong Kong

The efforts Great Harvest has made over the years are clearly evident. We have won the recognition of customers and gained their long-term trust. With its solid foundation and reputation established in Hong Kong, the Group has succeeded in venturing into overseas markets with a presence in Macau and Southeast Asia, in fulfilment of our concept of sustainable development. In pursuit of sustainability, we will continue to strive for excellence and create benefits for our customers, stakeholders and society.