Training and Management

People are the most important asset of a company and form the cornerstone of corporate success. With a commitment to nurturing quality staff, we have successfully established a number of professional teams and accumulated rich experience in this regard. However, realizing there is no room for complacency, staff training will remain an important task for us to continue to take us forward.

In addition, we have put in place a robust management system, under which our rigorous and pragmatic management culture has taken root in various departments of the Company and becomes part of our corporate DNA. Under the strong leadership of our management team and through close cooperation among supervisory staff at all levels, the Group has achieved management efficiency and created benefits.

Occupational Health and Safety

To ensure the greatest protection for the health and safety of our staff, we have set up a sound system, supported by rigorous monitoring, that requires staff to take sufficient safety measures during construction.

Enhancement of Job-specific Skills

Placing great emphasis on talent training and development, the Group helps staff to enhance their work skills and expertise, with the objective of promoting the efficiency and technical standards of our projects.

Staff Development

Thanks to a sound and effective promotion and training system, with hiring decisions based on merit, we provide opportunities for staff to fully develop themselves, build a stronger sense of belonging, and work with greater enthusiasm.

Training in Management Skills

By providing a variety of training programmes for management staff at all levels, we strive for excellence to maximize the entire group’s operating efficiency and ensure that all measures are properly implemented.